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  • Study in North Cyprus
  • Advice on career choices based on  Cypriot Educational System
  • Processing admission into North Cyprus Universities
  • Processing of Students’ hostel accommodation in North Cyprus








  • Processing of Cyprus visa: documentation, application and interview




COURSES AVAILABLE IN European universitY of lefke

Undergraduate Programs


The tuition fee for Undergraduate programme is $2,940 with 50% Scholarship inclusive.

Academic Year 2021

  • BA Arhitecture
  • BA Banking & Finance
  • BSc Civil Engineering
  • Bsc Computer Egnineering
  • DDS Dentistry
  • BA Economics
  • BSc Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • BA English Language Teaching
  • BA Gastronomy & Culinary Arts
  • BA Health Management
  • BSc Horticultural Production & Marketing
  • BA Interior Arhitecture
  • BA International Relations
  • BA Management Information Systems
  • BA New Media & Journalism
  • BSc Nursing
  • BSc Nutrition & Dietectics
  • BPharm Pharmacy
  • BA Psychology
  • BSc Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
  • BA Public Adminstration
  • BSc Software Engineering
  • BA Tourism Management

Associate Programme

AA Business Management

AAS Computer Programming

ASS Construction Technologies



Master Programs


The tuition fee for Masters for the entire programme is $4,410 with 50%
scholarship inclusive.

The tuition fee for MSc Environmental Sciences for the entire programme is

  • MArch Arhitecture
  • MSc Civil Engineering
  • MA Communication Studies
  • MSc Computer Engineering
  • Msc Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • MA English Language Teacging
  • Msc Environmental Sciences
  • MA Health Management
  • MSc Horticultural Production
  • MA International Relations
  • MA Management Information Systems


PhD Programs

The tuition fee for PhD programme is $8,505 with 50% scholarship inclusive.

The tuition fee for PhD in Environmental Sciences is $6,000 with 50% scholarship




Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Enviromental Sciences

Health Management

Horticultural Production

International Relations

Nutrition & Dietectics

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation




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